What is the difference between ez curl bar and straight bar?


Have you seen EZ curl barbells at the gym? Although not commonly seen, EZ curl bars are the ideal choice for enhancing biceps and triceps. Did you know that many fitness trainers use EZ curl bars to train their arms? The reason is that its curvy structure can reduce wrist pressure and protect wrist muscles from sports injuries. So, what are some other advantages and benefits of the EZ curl bar? Let's take a look!

What are the differences between EZ curl bar and straight bars?

Other than its shape, an EZ curl bar is shorter than a straight bar and is usually employed for training biceps, triceps, and other small muscle groups of the upper body. The straight bar, on the other hand, is suitable for pectoral muscles (bench press), back muscles (barbell bent-over row or deadlift), and thighs (squat). In terms of structure design, EZ curl bars are ergonomic: The inclined design creates ergonomic alignment from the upper arms, elbows, forearms, and wrists to the hands when gripping. This not only prevents sports injuries, but also allows performing exercises correctly.

[EZ curl bar on the left. Straight bar on the right.]

What are the benefits of EZ curl bars?

Many people habitually do exercises incorrectly like biceps curl, resulting in health problems such as lumbago of the elbow joint muscle and wrist pain. EZ curl bars reduce stress on wrists during training, allow the wrist to maintain a neutral position, and increase safety with balanced weight distribution. Studies show that the curved shape can better stimulate bicep muscles, thereby enhancing training results

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Three exercises for arms

Preacher curl

Muscle groups: biceps, triceps

  1.  Grip the EZ curl bar with hands shoulder-width apart.
  2.  Keep your arms completely on the bench throughout the movement.

 Curl the weight up to the highest point and repeat the exercise.

Standing Curl

Muscle groups: biceps, triceps
  1.  Hold the EZ Curl bar with an underhand grip and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2.  Stand up straight with your shoulder blades tucked in, chest up, and lower back pressed forward.
 Curl the bar to the highest point, tighten biceps and pause for a second, and then slowly lower the weight. Repeat.

Bent-Over Row

Muscle groups: lats, biceps

  1.  Hold the EZ Curl bar with an underhand grip and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  2.  Push your hips back, bend over to keep your back level, and grab the bar.

Straighten your back, lift your chest, tuck in your shoulder blades. Row the weight up until it touches or is close to your stomach. Repeat.


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